Congratulations Steven & Faye!

Saturday was the second of two weddings over the weekend and it saw me around the town of Ormskirk. Steven got ready in his home town of Billinge near Wigan and Faye got ready at the wedding venue which was the stunning Hurlston Hall Golf Club. I was to document the Bridal party getting ready which included 4 Bridesmaids and arriving a little later, her parents. I began documenting the girls having their make-up done before heading into one of the bedrooms which had all of the smaller details including the wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers etc. It was soon time to head over to the ceremony room and meet up with Ste.

I briefly spoke with the registrar beforehand to make sure she didn’t have anything for me and I also mentioned to the Ushers about the formal group shots afterwards and that I’ll need a little help with organising. It all kicked off and myself and Peter of ‘Pete Johnson Films’ positioned ourselves at the front as we prepped our gear for the arrival of the Bridal party. Faye walked down with her Father who was a little teary but fundamentally looked proud to be by his daughter’s side during such an important day. The ceremony was lovely and once all of the formalities were complete the happy couple made their way past all of their family and friends as Husband and Wife.

I organised everyone outside for a confetti shot which included the couple’s gorgeous pet dog, Barney. We cracked on with the group photographs at the side of the lake which was beautiful with a halo of sunshine around everyone although it wasn’t as warm as it looked. We got through them pretty quickly as we were pushed for time before the wedding breakfast and speeches. I spent around 20 minutes with the newly weds to capture the more intimate shots of them together walking around the grounds.

So as I left everyone to enjoy the wedding breakfast in peace both myself and Peter check our files and footage before we headed back inside approximately 45 minutes later for a little surprise booked by Steven and Faye. A duo of wedding singers were to entertain the wedding guests before the deserts were dished out and boy did they do a great job! After they finished the speeches began and starting proceedings was Faye’s Father. Steven followed before passing the fluctuating mic onto his Best man.

The final part of the day was the evening reception and of course the first dance. Steven and Faye were introduced into the room and onto the dance floor where they smiled and laughed to one another as their family and friends looked on. Faye’s Father had his moment with his Daughter as they danced away together and followed by Steven and his Mother and finally the remaining parents.

I hope the new Mr & Mrs had an absolutely memorable day along with their fab family and friends. I can’t wait to send out all of the wedding day’s photos but for the time being please enjoy these sneak peek shots!




Congratulations Craig & Elaine!

On Friday I had the immense pleasure in being part of Craig and Elaine’s big day which saw me around the City of Preston. The Bride is my Brother-in-law’s Sister and I felt very privileged to be included in documenting it all.

I set of to the Marriott Hotel in Broughton, Preston to capture the build up of the girls getting ready. As I arrived I was greeted by Elaine who seemed very calm and collected and before I knew it I was photographing the girls getting their hair and make-up done. After a short while I then took the all important detailed shots of the wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers etc. The ceremony was held elsewhere so I knew time would eventually come to a close for the Bridal preparations but I did what I always do best and just capture the moments as a fly on the wall.

The wedding was to take place at the Fulwood Free Methodist Church just minutes away from where I started the morning. I met up with Craig and he quickly introduced me to the Ushers who were to help with a few jobs later in the day and I also managed to speak with Pastor Ian who was the marry the couple. Craig waited at the front of the aisle whilst Elaine and her Bridal party arrived in a stunning classic wedding car.

As the doors opened the first sight Craig saw was one of the Bridesmaids holding hands with his Daughter Lucy who quickly ran towards him shouting “Daddy” which was lovely. He eventually saw his Bride-to-be walking down the aisle with her Brother, Gary who looked very proud to be by her side. The ceremony was full of emotions and one which included a short video of the beginning of the Disney film, UP. It was a great reminder of what life is all about ๐Ÿ™‚

With vows read, rings exchanged and the signing of the register complete it was time for the newly weds to make their way back up the aisle as Husband and Wife. I prepped them before hand about stopping just before the exit so guests can congratulate them before making their way outside for the confetti shot. The formal groups were conducted afterwards and there was even time for tea and cake to be enjoyed by everyone.

So the time came to head to the reception venue as we were up against the clock and also daylight. We still needed to squeeze in some shots of the happy couple together before speeches were read and the wedding breakfast was eaten.

Craig and Elaine had a short drive around in their wedding transportation before being dropped off outside the Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club. We had about 15/20 minutes of time around the grounds but before we knew it we were heading inside to warm them up before they were officially announced into the room.

The formalities began with the speeches and first up was Gary. He absolutely nailed it and had everyone laughing and sobbing as he talked about his Sister. Next was the main man himself who shared a couple of stories but mainly included all the Thank you’s of the day and finally was the Best man who had everyone in stitches throughout.

With the evening approaching everyone was full of good food, pleasantly merry and entertained by the host Rugby Union team who played a match outside. The newly weds booked a photobooth which went down a treat and with the DJ in full flow of some cracking music I knew the evening was to be a good one!

The first dance was a loving moment between the new Mr & Mrs Shaw but was cut short as Lucy pounced and joined in as a family. I hope that Craig, Elaine and all of their friendly family and friends had an absolutely wonderful and memorable day. I can’t wait to share with you all the whole day but for now please enjoy these sneak peek shots ๐Ÿ™‚



Congratulations Nick & Clare!

On Thursday I had the absolute pleasure of being part of such a wonderful couple’s wedding day all the way over on the west coast of Wales. I got up at the crack of dawn to make sure to beat the busy morning commuters and to also not get stuck by the severe weather which was a little unexpected.

I arrived at Portmeirion Village with plenty of time so once I parked up I had a walk around to get my bearings but to mainly take in the absolute amazing architecture.

After a short time of wandering around I made my way to the Bridal Party where Clare, her Chief Bridesmaid and Mum were having hair and make-up done. I began documenting the occasion before capturing the smaller details. I thought I’d jump at the opportunity to take some natural shots of Nick getting ready as he was on site in the ‘watch house’. I returned back to finish off the final part of the Bridal preparations before heading to the ceremony room where guests had started to arrive.

As I arrived I noticed there was a band who were to play before, during and after the ceremony but this wasn’t any usual band, it was actually the band which Nick is involved in. Nick wasn’t to partake unfortunately as he had bigger things on the agenda and he was waiting at the front of the aisle ready for the arrival of the Bride.

The ceremony was lovely with two readings followed by the signing of the register and then after a couple of formal shots it was time for the newly weds to make their way back up the aisle together. They went to one side whilst all of the guests made their way outside where I organised everyone for the confetti shot. This was immediately followed by the formal group shots which I had the help of the best man.

We didn’t have much time…or we didn’t have as much time as I would have liked for the photos of the couple given the endless amount of photography opportunity around the area. Instead I had to make do with approximately 20 minutes but at least we had the weather on our side. Once complete I handed the new Mr & Mrs over to the wedding coordinator as they were to be officially announced into the room for the speeches and the wedding breakfast.

They had a little surprise up their sleeves as they awaited for the entertainment to begin in the form of singing waiters. They were brilliant and really got the wedding party to their feet for a little song and dance. When all of the formalities were complete it was time to head back to the town hall where the evening was to get into full flow.

The first dance came so quickly but not before Nick and Clare cut their amazing wedding cake which was designed by a family member. They weren’t too keen on swaying in front of everyone so after a short amount of time had passed during the song everyone was invited up onto the dance floor to join the happy couple.

I had an absolutely fantastic day capturing memories of a wonderful day. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I can’t wait to share with Nick and Clare their wedding photographs, but for now please enjoy these sneak peek shots.



Congratulations Daniel & Danielle!

So my second wedding of the year and one which I’ve been looking forward to for a while. I was contacted by the Bride-to-be after her Mother recommended me, Jill and her Husband who own a classic car business have been involved with weddings which I have also on several occasions. It was lovely to have had the opportunity to meet with Daniel and Danielle and run through their wedding day in detail. They were pleased with my work and it wasn’t long until I had confirmation on being their wedding photographer ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday began with the Bridal Preparations at Jill’s home in Leigh where I documented the build up along with capturing the smaller details. It was a full house and one which I felt welcomed in straight away! I spent a short while taking the candid shots before heading upstairs to arrange flowers and dresses for photographs. With time getting away from me I squeezed in a lovely shot of Danielle’s father, Dave where he got to see his beautiful Daughter in her wedding dress as she walked down the stairs. I headed off soon afterwards to the ceremony and reception venue to set myself up and prepare for the arrival of the Bridal Party.

I arrived at Lancashire Manor Hotel in Pimbo and I immediately noticed Barry the Videographer who I’ve worked with before waiting at the entrance. With the Bridal Party close behind me I waited also. Everyone was ready to go and as I set myself up at the front of the aisle Jill and her Son came down first smiling away followed by Danielle’s Bridesmaids and then finally Danielle herself with her proud Father.

The ceremony was lovely and with rings and vows exchanged it was time for the official signing of the register. The newly weds then made their way back up the aisle as Husband and Wife and as they grabbed their glass of fizz we cracked on with the formal group photographs around the corner using the venue as a backdrop. The weather was cold but gloriously sunny which is what everyone hopes for. We didn’t last long before we headed inside to warm up before finally capturing pre-sunset shots of the happy couple together.

We managed to get most of what we needed before everyone was invited into the reception room for the wedding breakfast. The newly weds were officially announced into the room and as they sat down the wedding coordinator welcomed Danielle’s Dad to say the first words towards the formal part of the day, the speeches. Daniel had a few words which included a few ‘Thank yous’ and finally the best men who finished off with funny stories and kind words towards the Groom ๐Ÿ™‚

The evening part of the day involved a lovely surprise from Karen and Peter of Pier Fun Casinos who were the main entertainment of choice with the addition of a photobooth. I documented the wedding guests having fun up until Daniel and Danielle were asked to cut the cake before Danielle had the pleasure of dancing with her Father. Daniel then got his chance for the first dance as a married couple. They enjoyed this moment with their Daughter, Faye.

It was a very enjoyable day and I hope the new Mr & Mrs had a blast! I wish them all the best for the future and I look forward to sending them over their wedding photographs after they have been edited.

For now please enjoy these sneak peeks shots…

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


Congratulations Giles & Claire!

My first wedding of 2018 was on Saturday and what a lovely start to what will be I’m sure, another amazing year of weddings! Giles and Claire wished for more of my documentary approach for their wedding day which I was happy to accommodate especially as I love the natural shots of people.

I headed to the church which was down the road from my home in Shevington approximately 40 minutes before proceedings began. Giles was there to welcome me along with his Best man who was giving out the order of service to guests. I quickly set up my camera to begin documenting the occasion. With Claire arriving not long after I arrived I managed to get what I could of guests chatting and smiling away before taking my place at the front of the aisle. Claire’s Brother was to give her away and they walked up together whilst Giles waited eagerly for his Bride.

The ceremony ran very smoothly and included two lovely readings before and after the exchange of rings. Once the official signing of the register was complete and photos had been taken I made my way to the entrance of the Church for the new Mr & Mrs Cobbett to make their way up the aisle together as Husband and Wife. I didn’t stick around as they weren’t having any photos at the church and it was slightly raining.

I arrived at Haigh Hall which was to be the setting for their reception celebrations. I had about 10 minutes spare so I took some photos of the newly renovated reception/entry hall and worked out where I was going to photograph the formal groups.

Giles and Claire arrived along with a convoy of cars which was pretty cool and as they exited their wedding car they were greeted by one of the staff with champagne. The party was to take place upstairs so everyone relaxed and mingled up near the bar area and surrounding rooms. Only 5 formal group shots were requested so getting the smaller ones out of the way I built up to the larger 80 guest sized group which took place on the grand and iconic staircase of Haigh hall.

I documented the whole event after this up until the point where everybody was invited to take their seats ready for the speeches and wedding breakfast. I said my goodbyes and with one or two more photos captured I was soon making my way home leaving the party to get into full flow.

I hope the newly weds had a memorable time along with their wonderful family and friends and I look forward to sending through their wedding photographs.

Until then please enjoy a few sneak peeks ๐Ÿ™‚



Congratulations Mike & Zoey!

I was very excited to have been part of Mike and Zoey’s Wedding day yesterday especially as it saw me back up at the National Award Winning venue that is Ashfield House in Standish. I love the short distance to this very relaxed country hotel when documenting a couple’s big day as itย epitomizes the very essence of what I offer to my clients, a relaxed and professional approach!

To begin the day I arrived approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony began to ensure I captured the build up of the occasion with guests arriving and greeting the Groom along with his Best man Danny. I also take the time out of respect to meet the registrars to make sure they are happy with my documented approach ๐Ÿ™‚

Zoey wished for photos of her walking down the stairs with the Bridal party but more importantly with her two Sons. After a couple of quick snaps I took position at the front of the aisle ready for the official arrival of the Bride. Mike was eagerly awaiting his soon to be Wife and as the music began the Bridesmaids made their way down the aisle before Zoey also made her appearance. Rings were exchanged and personal vows were read to one another and once the signing of the register was complete they made their way back past their family and friends as Husband and Wife.

As it was very cold outside and raining I decided to rearrange the ceremony room as it was big enough for the formal groups photographs the couple had requested plus it was better conditions for light. When I was ready I invited everyone in to take their position for a large group shot before capturing a few smaller shots. It was a very quick process which gave me, along with the newly weds plenty of time to walk around the venue for the more intimate photos of them together.

The time soon came for all of Mike and Zoey’s guests to take their seats in the reception room for the announcement of the new Mr & Mrs Clarke. They started with speeches before tucking into their wedding breakfast and first up was Zoey’s Maid of Honour, followed by the main man himself Mike and then finally Danny who offered some funny stories.

It was a very enjoyable day for me even though I wasn’t their for the entirety of it ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope everyone had a memorable one and I also hope that the sneak peek shots below will give you a taster of what’s to come!

Enjoy and thanks…


Congratulations Michael & Sarah!

Yesterday was a fantastic day across the water on the Wirral where I documented the wedding of Michael and Sarah at the stunning venue that was Leasowe Castle Hotel. It was a late ceremony but Sarah was keen on having the Bridal Preparations so with they opted for the Silver Package but simply moving the timings to suit. I arrived as the girls were having their hair and make-up done by two beauty professionals upstairs.

I captured a couple of photos before heading into the bedroom which included all of the essential wedding attire and accessories for me to photograph. The room was beautiful and gave me the perfect backdrop for each shot. Once I was done I headed back to the Bridal party where they were getting closer to finishing up. All it was time for was for the girls to get dresses on and with half an hour before the ceremony began I headed downstairs to meet and greet both Mick and the registrars.

The ceremony kicked off with Bridesmaids, Flower girl and Paige boy making their way down the aisle before the beautiful Bride walked with her proud Dad towards her very soon-to-be Husband who was waiting slightly anxiously at the front. It was a lovely ceremony and when words and rings were exchanged it was time for the official signing of the register. A few snaps later and the new Mr & Mrs Gainford were heading back up the aisle hand-in-hand, smiling away to their family and friends who all came to witness and enjoy the occasion.

As everyone headed outside we cracked on and began the formal groups as I knew timings were tight. Most of the guests were having a drink in the bar whilst enjoying a saxophone player who entertained everyone on behalf of Michael and Sarah. We completed the groups in good time resulting in having a short time of the more intimate shots of the newly weds together before the wedding coordinator officially invited all family and friends to take up their seats to then announce the happy couple into the reception room for speeches.

The speeches included Sarah’s Dad, Michael and Michael’s Best men and all three were absolutely brilliant! I had an awesome day capturing it all and I hope it was a memorable one for not just Michael and Sarah but for everyone else too.

Enjoy these sneak peek shots from their day and I look forward to sending the remainder out shortly ๐Ÿ™‚



Congratulations Paul & Katie!

Today has been such a wonderful day where I’ve been part of such a lovely couple’s wedding day. Paul and Katie met me a little while ago to sit down and discuss their wedding photography requirements where they looked through my work and the wedding ‘storybook’ albums that are included in each package I offer. They were very impressed and decided to book me to document it all from start to finish.

This morning saw me arrive at the venue of choice which was Briars Hall in Lathom where I begun the Bridal Preparations. Katie and the Bridal party were in full flow with having their hair and make-up done by beauty professionals in the barn opposite to the main building. I captured many natural shots before capturing the smaller details including the wedding dress, wedding shoes, jewelry, flowers etc. The morning was good fun with the girls enjoying themselves whilst they got ready although time soon got away from me and I had to make my way downstairs to meet and greet Paul and the Groomsmen.

Guests were arriving and having a drink in the bar area whilst Paul spoke with the registrars who were to conduct the ceremony. It was soon time for everyone to take their seats and await the arrival of the Bride. Katie and her Bridesmaids made their way downstairs and prepared for a grand appearance. Paul was waiting anxiously at the front of the aisle for his soon-to-be Wife whilst I got into the best possible position to capture the moment.

The ceremony was lovely and with rings exchanged and the signing of the register complete it was time to get a couple of formal shots before the new Mr & Mrs Molyneux made their way hand-in-hand past their family and friends and outside for a confetti photo.

We cracked on with the formal group photographs as daylight around this time of year restricts the time we have during the day to complete them. Myself along with the newly weds also had a walk around the venue’s grounds for the more intimate shots of them together before they headed inside to warm up and prepare their entrance into the wedding breakfast room for the afternoon’s festivities.

There were three main speeches made which all were brilliant and included some jokes, loving stories and sincere thanks from the Groom to those who have attended on such a special day for them. There was a very special surprise encountered by Silver Service Singers who made an appearance to entertain everyone in a weird yet wonderful way ๐Ÿ™‚

Once food and drink was devoured it was time for the staff at Briars Hall to turn the room around for the evening celebrations so this gave me the opportunity to do a couple of photos with Paul and Katie including one which was an idea especially being Bonfire night. I mentioned during the week about doing a sparkler shot as I’ve done a couple before and have worked out great.

It was very much dark at this point in the day so we headed inside and it wasn’t long before the happy couple were heading onto the dance floor for their first dance. It was clearly a very special moment for them both and I am just glad that I was there to document it all ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope they had an awesome day and a very memorable one although if it does seem a big blur due to it all going so fast, here are a few sneak peek shots before the remainder of their wedding photographs are sent in the upcoming weeks ๐Ÿ™‚



Congratulations Rodney & Allan!

Saturday, I had the absolute pleasure I being part of Rodney and Allanโ€™s big day. I originally was contacted by Natalie Davies, a client whoโ€™s wedding I had documented a couple of years ago. She advised me that her Uncle was soon to be married to his partner and they would like to book me for the day. I was extremely happy, not just for the upcoming opportunity but as always that a past client had thought of me for the job ๐Ÿ˜Š

Rodney was part of the wedding party on Natalieโ€™s wedding day so he knew how I worked but I met with Allan for the first time at a consultation we scheduled in at their wedding venue. It was great to run through their ideas!

So, the day arrived and I was to document the entire day from start to finish. It was an early one as I had to begin at 9am but I was super excited to create memorable shots for them. I was immediately welcomed by the receptionist who shown me to the room which a selection of family was getting their hair and make-up done. I moved around the venue documenting the build-up before finally heading upstairs to meet and greet the boys as they chilled out with a glass of fizz.

I also captured the smaller detailed shots including their custom-made suits, shoes, wedding rings and button holes. I thoroughly enjoy those type of photos as they make up a big part of the day. Time passed and it was soon time to head downstairs to photograph guests arriving and then take my place for the ceremony.

Rodney and Allan made their way down the very beautiful staircase hand-in-hand and prepared themselves to enter the room with family and friends looking on with smiles and admiration. The ceremony was lovely and when the exchange of rings was complete it was time for the official signing of the register. I got my photos of course before getting myself set for the newlyweds to walk back up the aisle as Husband and Husband.

With ‘storm Brian’ looming I felt it necessary to get on with the formal group photographs starting with a shot of everyone outside on the courtyard. This was a great photo which included everyone from the day, this was followed by two larger group photos before I advised the couple that we should get the more intimate shots of them together just in case we lose the moment. Afterwards we headed inside as it was getting a little chilly and completed the remainder of the groups in a room which was vacant.

The time had come for the wedding coordinator to invite all family and friends into the reception room to take their seats for the wedding breakfast. Speeches were after this which gave me time to go through what I had captured to date.

Glasses were filled with fizz and the time came for the speeches to commence. Natalie started proceedings with a great speech which was soon followed by Rodney and then finally Allan who read out a selection of wedding cards they had received earlier in the day. Natalie was given a stunning array of fresh flowers for her efforts which included the planning and logistics of such a well thought out day.

Rodney and Allan finished off with the last couple of photos of just them before retiring into the Lounge and Bar areas. A Photobooth was on hand to entertain guests whilst the DJ also prepared his kit for a very musical evening. With the cake cut it only meant one last thing to do before they can completely chill out and that was their first dance as a married couple.

Both me and the DJ were set and with guests surrounding the dance floor it was time for them both to be announced into the room. They shared a loving moment before family and friends joined them for the beginning of a very lively evening.

I headed off but not before wishing them all the very best for the future and to say what a wonderful day I had documenting their wedding day. I hope they had a memorable one and I canโ€™t wait to send them their photographs.

For the time being however I hope they love their sneak peek shots ๐Ÿ˜Š



Congratulations Gary & Hayley!

With having only met this lovely couple on Wednesday I was very pleased that they asked me to be part of their wedding day on Friday. It all began in the morning where Hayley and the girls were having their hair and make-up done in one of the bedrooms upstairs at the West Tower Country House Hotel in Aughton. They were in very high spirits as I turned up for the Bridal preparations. I started with capturing the smaller details which included the wedding dress, shoes, flowers, jewelry and that of the Bridesmaids attire and accessories before documenting the remainder of the afternoon. It went so quickly and before I knew it I was heading downstairs to the bar where all family and friends were enjoying drinks.

I caught up with Gary and briefly spoke with the registrar’s before the ceremony kicked off and I was graced with the presence of a good friend and very professional person, Barry of Diamond Lights Wedding Films. I have worked with Barry on numerous occasions and we always seem to just know what each other are doing or going to do which helps keep the day relaxed and stress free ๐Ÿ™‚

So with 10 minutes to go all guests were invited upstairs to take their seats ready for the arrival of the wedding party. Gary was eagerly waiting for his Wife-to-be at the front with his Best men by his side. After her Bridesmaids, Paige boys, Flower girl and pet dog, Molly walked down the aisle it was Hayley’s turn to walk with her very proud Dad, Bob who was smiling away.

The ceremony was wonderful and after the exchange of rings and signing of the register it was time for the new Mr & Mrs Guyers to take their first steps together as Husband and Wife. We cracked on with the confetti photo outside before completing the formal group photographs round the corner on the steps. I was a little worried with the weather and of course the daylight remaining so I advised that we also cracked on with the more intimate shots of them two around the grounds of the wedding venue.

With the reception room turned around it was time for everyone to make their way to their seats for the arrival of Gary and Hayley. They wished to have speeches out of the way before the meal so they could enjoy their food when it came so Bob started proceedings with a very touching speech. This was of course followed by the main man himself Gary, who offered his sincere thanks along with gifts and then finally his best men concluding with some funny stories.

There was a surprise awaiting everyone before desserts as Gary and Hayley ordered some singing waiters who put on a great show leaving some a little red faced and some lost for words ๐Ÿ™‚

Afterwards Barry had video messages to do whilst I documented guests enjoying the magician who was on hand doing what he does best, entertaining ๐Ÿ™‚ He was absolutely fantastic and baffled many including myself!

The first dance soon approached and as we finished getting our remaining photographs of the couple they were announced onto the dance floor with family and friends surrounding them. It was a lovely moment for the newly weds and after they shared a few moments together it was time for her Father, another special man in her life who wanted to share a couple of minutes with his Daughter.

It was such a wonderful day and I hope the happy couple had a memorable day along with their lovely family and friends. A special mention to the staff at West Tower for looking after me for the day and also to Barry who no doubt will be on a job with me in the near future.

I hope Gary and Hayley enjoy these sneak peek shots from their wedding day and I hope they have a wonderful time on their Honeymoon ๐Ÿ™‚